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Santoflex with its technology and know-how which result from the research, the high specialization of her staff and machinery, is in a position of satisfying any kind of working proceeding, concerning, printing PVC, spreading and coating fabrics such as nylon, polyestere, polypropilene, cotton and TNT non woven fabrics, etc, and printing of any other article, possible to realize, on the base of exclusive design too.

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COLIBRĖ: Table cover in printed PVC, with modern designs with TNT backing, resistant and practical use.

AIRONE: Table cover in printed PVC, with modern designs with TNT backing with higher weight, resistant and practical use.

PVC Floorings, anti-slip, practical, resistant, and cheap, produced with treble sheeting and protected by transparent crystal… just to guarantee it for wear.

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Printed sheetings PVC are protected just to save children against toxic substances, soft to the touch, they permit the best use of covering baby box, baby cars, high-chairs and swadding. Santoflex S.p.A. with own designers gives to her customers a continuous research in style, and it is ready to propose new collections, unceasingly brought up-to-date with the evolution of fashion in the field of infancy.

Table covers "shining" and resistant, in printed PVC suitable for Pic-Nic and free time.

Curtains and shower-curtains ready made, with large choice of colours and designs for modern and jaunty bath-rooms.

Santoflex spread materials give to the customers a warranty of continuity in quality, resulting in continuos checking and technological researches. Beside the presented collection, Santoflex S.p.A. is ready to realize items in cooperation with her clients too.

Santoflex S.p.A.
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